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9x MX World Champion
AIROH Helmet, PROGRIP goggle
Apart from the advantages on the starting grid, his main concerns were heat and sweat. One of his first questions was  « Can I open it and close it in jumps ? ».
If Tony thinks AirFlaps is useful, many riders should…


Steve holcombe


2016 E3 World Champion
2017 EnduroGP World Champion
AIROH helmet, 100% goggle

The reigning champion. Two stars
on the back of his jersey. This is usually what his rivals see of him…




2018 Alestrem and Hell’s Gate winner… in front of the legend Graham JARVIS
AIROH helmet, SCOTT goggle
The raising star in Extreme Enduro. This guy knows how overheat and fog can ruin a race !


Yamaha Official Rallye Team Pilot
SHOEI helmet, 100% goggle
Rocketing through the deserts for
hours under the sun taught him what goggle pressure on the face and comfort are all about !


Christophe CHARLIER

2017 MX of the Nations & ISDE Winner
AIROH helmet, PROGRIP goggle
This guy is fast ! His experience at the top MX and Enduro levels make his expertise even more valuable.

Johnny aubert

2x World Enduro Champion
2x ISDE Overall Winner
LEATT helmet, 100% goggle
His speed and experience in enduro make him one of the fastest riders
in his Rallye Raid new career.




2x World Enduro Champion
BELL helmet, SCOTT goggle
One of the toughest riders in the world. Fighting spirit, thirst for victory and no place for what is not essential to reach his goals !


Christophe NAMBOTIN

3x Enduro World Champion
2x ISDE Overall Winner
AIROH helmet, SCOTT goggle
One of the most experienced enduro rider on the planet. No bullshit, only chooses what is useful for victory.


Nicolas QUERE

2017 MTB French Cup Winner
100% Helmet, 100% goggle
He has won in Enduro MTB, he now wins on his E-Bike.



2x Sweden Enduro Champion
SCORPION helmet, ETHEN goggle
You want to ask a top pilot if AirFlaps is useful in cold weather ? Ask him !



andrea verona

2017 Enduro World Champion Youth 125
SUOMY helmet, PROGRIP goggle

THE italian rising star in world enduro racing.


French Junior Championship
6D helmet, OAKLEY goggle
Young, focused and fast ! AIRFLAPS thinks of the future !



2017 Enduropale 2nd place
SCORPION helmet, SCOTT goggle
Top french sand rider. Up to 160km/h on beaches, you’d better not get rid of your goggle because of visibility problems…



World MX2 rider, Vice European Champion 125
BELL helmet, PROGRIP goggle
French MX rising star.


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